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Improve your lifestyle which causes a facial asymmetry!

2016-03-23 08:59


In Korea, people spend considerable time on the chair. According to survey called ‘statistic of national health 2014’ conducted by Ministry of Health and Welfare, the average hour being seated of adults is 7.5 hours.

Especially, young adults whose ages are between 19 and 29, they averagely spend 8.7 hours on the chairs.

This sitting habit induces some issues. Especially, when you remain seated for a long time, some life style habits, such as twisting legs and resting chin on the hands, stimulate your facial bones and muscles and they ruin your body balance and can be a reason to have a facial asymmetry.

In addition, when you chew hard food in one side and lean on one foot, these habits also can be main causes to have facial asymmetry and malocclusion.
Facial asymmetry and malocclusion can be improved by orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery. If you have minor symptom, your malocclusion can be corrected by orthodontic treatment only, but if your symptom is severe, you might need orthognathic surgery.

To prevent any malocclusion, you should try to keep a correct posture. When you sit on the chair, try to straight up your back and lean your back on the back of the chair and walk for a while or do some stretches once every hour.

Original article: Simin Ilbo on 03/16/2016