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Who was the politician seen at Sinsa where is the Mecca of plastic surgery?

2016-04-01 15:00

‘SSul Jeon’ reveals the real condition of politicians’ plastic surgeries--- who was the politician seen at Sinsa where is the Mecca of plastic surgery?

‘Ssul Jeon’, Korean TV show which makes politicians to be nervous by a flow of conversation, catches attention by revealing the real condition of politicians’ plastic surgeries.

On the show aired on the third of March, it revealed that “Politicians also get hair implant or remove wrinkles”. Si Min Yoo, who used to be a politician, acknowledged that the fact of politicians’ plastic surgery with saying “They get the surgeries at luxury plastic surgery hospital or dermatology secretly”.

We actually visited to a large plastic surgery hospital at Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong where is called the Mecca of plastic surgery to check if it is true that the reserved candidates really visit to the hospital for the election.

Plastic surgery specialist Sang Hoon Park, head doctor of ID Hospital said “The number of politician as well as business executive who visit to plastic surgery hospital has been increased every year. They usually prefer the Petit plastic surgery which makes a better impression by a simple procedure, such as filler and botox. For fillers and botox, it only takes 30 minutes to the procedure gets done and no recovery time is needed, so people who do not want to be recognized that he or she got plastic surgery, mostly prefer to get the Petit plastic surgery. Also, the number of patients who get hair implants and aesthetic care has been growing largely compared to the past.,

Meanwhile, someone who does election marketing says that the reserved candidates for this election are more concerned about their appearances than the candidates from past elections. Appearance has become one of competitiveness and the printed picture which is photoshopped cannot be different from their real looks so that many candidates look for a good plastic surgery hospital.

Original article : Herald Economics on 3/25/2016