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Get gentle, smooth but sharp face line! Facial Contouring for Guys

2016-04-04 17:38


The smooth faceline from forehead to jaw is regarded one of the ideal face lines regardless of gender. But, ideal facial shape is slightly vary for each gender. For women, they prefer cheekbone with proper volume and V-line compared to men who want more straight line with some characteristics.

So, male customer for facial contouring, inquiring to make five-angled, muscular face line with slim cheekbone and non-sharp jaw..

Dr. Ji Hyuk Lee,(plastic surgery specialist) ID Hospital added, for men, having volume in face and curved line make awkward feeling, instead of that, implement cheekbone reduction surgery, reduction of prominent mandible angle, and frontal chin surgery will emphasize muscular look with straight line. Especially, ‘High-L cut cheekbone surgery’ can reduce protruded 45 degree angle and 90 degree angle cheekbone to the maximum with moving the volume to the frontal cheekbone by cutting deeply between eye orbit and MMP Point (maximum projection part point) of cheekbone.

MVP reduction prominent mandible angle surgery is effective for improving angled jaw. MVP reduction prominent mandible angle surgery minimizes Maximum Volume Point of jaw to complete slim but firm chin line by cutting prominent mandible angle, cortical bone and jaw muscle..

For those who have blunt chin, slight mandibular prognathism or small chin can see dramatic improvement with ‘Mini V-line Surgery’ which is known as short 30 minutes surgery by simply making v line with cutting the edge of chin into T shape, avoiding nerves.

Dr. Ji Hyuk Lee advised “for men, they can create various atmosphere depending on how their face line designed by face contouring surgery. And to maximize the change of facial impression according to delicate difference of face line, it is recommended to visit hospital-sized plastic surgery with many facial bone surgery experiences who can make natural face line and safe enough to avoid nerve line based on intensive examination results.

Mean while, ID Hospital, who opened ABC(Asian beauty center) in subway station in Sinsa, is a hospital-sized medical institution implementing face contouring surgery with customized surgical procedure in accordance with various face types.

Original article: Hankyung.com Wstar NEWS on February 25th, 2016