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The secrets of a baby face!

2016-04-06 17:00


MBN TV show ‘Golden Egg’ aired on 28th, has informed requisites to have a baby face. After the show, many audiences have been interested in the proportion of a baby face.

On this episode, Dr. Sang Hoon Park from ID Hospital offered some useful information about the reason why face angle is important and what is an ideal face proportion. Especially, the appearance of 3-dimensional ruler made enthusiastic reaction from the panels and audiences in the studio.

Using a 3-dimensional ruler, a baby face can be distinguished by angle difference between jaw line and eye edge. However, there is also a way to check whether you have a baby face or not without a 3-dimensional ruler.

Generally, we divide a face into 3 parts; from forehead to glabella, from glabella to nose tip, and from nose tip to edge of jaw and their proportion would be upper face : middle face : lower face. The ideal face proportion is 1:1:0.8. The shorter jaw and length of a face, closer structure to a baby face.

The length of a face can be divided into 3 parts; the length of forehead, the length of nose and philtrum, and the length of jaw edge. However, in case of your face generally look long, you can find the solution when you analyze whole facial proportion systematically and check the problem of relevant part.

Among the facial parts, you can choose a part where is especially long and make it shorter. For instance, if the upper face part is long, you can think of forehead reduction, if the middle face part is long, you can think of philtrum reduction, and if the edge of jaw is long, there is a surgery for it. So it is possible to make the length of face shorter and find the perfect proportion for a baby face after you check the problematic area and get a surgery for that area.

But first of all, the most important thing is to improve your habits that cause a long face. Habits, such as supporting chin in hands, sleeping on stomach, and shutting the teeth hard, can ruin your face angle and cause an old face. Therefore, you should improve these habits and prevent to have a long face.

Original Article: Herald Economics Life on 4/1/16