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More cautions required on nose revision for awkwardly sharp nose

2016-04-18 17:21


Everyone expects to be naturally beautiful when after having plastic surgery, who decided to improve their insecurities. However, it is inevitable having re-operation because of awkward looking, like yesterday was operation date even after pretty long time has already passed.

Especially, nose is one of the most frequently re-operation done parts. So it is highly possible to have overly high nose that is not go with the face or unsatisfied result like slanted, disformated nose which caused by dislocated prothese and capsular contracture.

Su jin Han,(Model, 24) who got rhinoplasty because of changing flat and blunt nose into high and sharp one. And also got nose revision to modify awkward nose as if the chalk was inside and to get ideal nose that makes balance with the face by removing overly high implant, then inserting natural implant goes with the nose shape.

Dr. Il Hwan Kim(plastic surgery specialist), ID Hospital said, "Having rhinoplasty without considering the balance in a beauty and functioning part, nose revision necessarily needed because nose shape could be awkward or malfunctioning." "Precisely figure out the cause of failure of the first rhinoplasty and scheming harmonious operation suits for the face may help to prevent second surgery."

If someone unavoidably needs revision after the first surgery, be sure to perform in 6 months so that general tissue get soften. Avoiding side effect like nose is bent out of shape acquired by disformation of implant, if you make implant in a natural way with face and fix accurately.

In addition, there could be "capsular contracture" which causes inflammation or hematoma and tip of the nose is pulled up with silicon in conjunction with healed and stiffed tissue. For resolution, nose revision is done by replacing inside implant and lengthen the tip of the nose using cartilage of nasal septum.

Dr. Il Hwan Kim said, "Nose revision should be done after enough consultation with specialists in plastic surgery, ENT department, and desirable when choosing the hospital sized medical institution where opreration is done directed by experienced plastic surgery specialist to make natural line of nose after removing previous, wrong implant inside rather than pursuing low surgery cost."

Original Article: Hankyung.com W Star News Life on 3/31/2016