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MBN TV show "Golden-egg" - Avoid these if you want a younger looking face!

2016-04-19 09:18


MBN "Golden-egg" reveals bad habits that might ruin your young face

MBN "Golden-egg" aired on 28th, disclosed the secrets of young face, titled "I want to look young" and conditions are smiling mouth corner, face angle, ratio, and skin elasticity.

Face angle is a important condition, deciding young face. Dr. Sang Hoon Park(ID Plastic Surgery Hospital), plastic surgery specialist measured the face angle, using solid ruler. According to him, what makes face looking old as time goes by is changing of face angle. Normally, it is known as older looking face caused by decreased skin elasticity, bone also sags with aging, and jaw bone became flat and long when people in their 40~50s.

It is important to improve bad daily habits that ruin face angle for not having sagging face bone and maintaining "Baby" face.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park advised "Sleeping on one"s stomach position, hunching one"s back, Resting chin on hands, making grimacing face, making a face with opening mouth can ruin facial line and facial expression. It is advisable to improve it to maintain young face."

Original article: Sports Hankook 2016/03/29