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[ID Dermatology] How to get bright skin throughout Spring filled with dryness and fine dust

2016-04-26 15:23


***ID Dermatology News Article***

Around this time, Spring is imminent with warm spring wind and sunlight as we have been waiting, however, our skin gets trouble due to dry wind and massive ultraviolet rays.

These days, yellow dust and fine dust get worse, making more patients with skin troubles go to see a doctor. Dr. Eun cheon Han(Dermatologist doctor), ID Dermatology advised, "Big temperature differences and dry weather like nowadays, skin get impaired even at a small stimulation like ultraviolet rays and fine dust."

Commonly, "good skin" defines both fine skin texture and tone, and spring season needs caution, otherwise we might lose both of them with wrong skin care procedure.

Dr. Han suggested " In the early phase of symptom, the treatment can be difficult if you misjudge by yourself and use cosmetics or medicines that are not suitble for your state. Thus if you see abnormal symptom, minimize skin irritation as much as you can, and use sun block. When symptoms continue, go to see a doctor as soon as possible to get diagnosed."

Changed skin tone into red or dark, impaired skin texture due to elasticity or pore are also advised to visit hospital and get treated. Equipments which improves skin tone are Revel light, I2PL, CO2, etc and for skin texture, Thermage CPTX, Airjet can help you to have brightening skin back, so check out what kind of equipment are used before you get treatment.

Original Article: Star Seoul TV