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Dr. Park invited as a speaker at the Luxury Conference

2016-04-26 17:26


ID Hospital Asian Beauty Center has announced that Sang Hoon Park, the head doctor at ID Hospital, has been invited to ‘The 2nd Conde Nast International Luxury Conference’ as the first speaker from medical industry and given a speech about ‘Changing Faces’ successfully.

International media group ‘Conde Nast International’ has held a luxury conference and Suzy Menkes, who is a famous fashion journalist and international chief editor of Vogue magazine, has been a host. About 500 people from 30 countries gathered and shared opinions on changes and future of luxury industry.

Leaders and vips in luxury industry from home and abroad, such as Samsung C&T corporation, MCM, Versace, Balmain and etc, have been participated so this conference has been known as the best and most effective in luxury industry around the world. The first luxury conference took place at Palazzo Vecchio palace in Italy and this Seoul conference is the second conference Conde Nast International group hosted.

During Conde Nast International was preparing for the conference, they paid attention to Korean plastic surgery and they classified the plastic surgery as a international luxury trend so that they invited Sang Hoon Park, head doctor of ID Hospital as a main speaker at the conference.

Dr. Park (plastic surgery specialist) analyzed how plastic surgery can start competing against the luxury industry by the topic ‘Changing Faces’ and suggested a new point of view about plastic surgery.

At conference, Dr. Park gained the sympathy from the luxury leaders by offering some interesting information, such as a change of understanding about beauty and plastic surgery, different beauty standard by cultures, plastic surgery of future and etc.

Also, he said that plastic surgery was conducted for body reconstruction in the past but now it became a method to pursue beauty and Korean plastic surgery is very influential at the hub. Recently, plastic surgery tour has been popular among foreigners who want to look alike as Korean celebrities.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park, graduated from the college of medicine at Seoul national university, was a former plastic surgery professor at Seoul Asan hospital, was a former exchange professor at New York university and now he is the head doctor at ID hospital ‘Asian Beauty Center’.

Original Article: Il Gan Sports 4/22/2016