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Visiting Korea For dental treatment

2016-04-29 09:18


David(45) recently visited Korea for Implant treatment. Generally it takes 3 to more than 6 months, however, as soon as he hear, In Korea, it is possible within a day, he flew 19 hours to get Implant. He was satisfied with the fact that implant treatment period and expenses were less than half of Canada’s implant treatment.
ID Hospital said the number of foreign patients who are visiting for dental treatment are increasing.

Implantation within a day getting good responses by foreigners thanks to new implant technology and development of prosthetic.

Dr. KyungHye, Kim(prosthetic department), ID Hospital dentistry explained, “The previous implant surgery incised the gum to plant fixture, which is a implant root, but recently-made implant completed in a day hardly bleeding because planting is possible through small hole using soft tissue punch. Thus, making it feasible to be completed in a day without suture and recovery time due to lack of incision.

Dr.Kim added” CEREC system, which makes 1:1 customized prosthetic on the day using 3D scanner and CAD/CAM equipment enables implant treatment to be done in a day.”

Original Article : E Daily News (April 4, 2016)