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When is possible to get secondary surgery for previous awkward double eyelid surgery?

2016-04-29 15:38

Double eyelid surgery is Known as a less pressured one for Koreans, who genetically have many non-double eyelid. Found easily who gets during their vacation or short holidays.

But, as many as people get double eyelid surgery, many plastic surgeries conduct with low expenses as an advantage, enhancing concerned voice about side effects.

It is important to avoid side effects by having precise diagnosis and systemic surgery when any sort of plastic surgery is conducted. But if revision is inevitable owing to discontent or side effect, it is necessary to have more cautious choice than the very first surgery.

Secondary double eyelid surgery can solve fundamental problem, when grasping causes of failure of the first surgery precisely. Normally, deciding to have secondary surgery or not is determined 6 months after the first surgery, however it is difficult to correct because tissue has been already ruined at the first surgery. So it has to be done based on plastic surgeon’s systemic diagnosis.

The most frequent side effect of double eyelid surgery is untied line. When having non-incision method, the line gets loosen in case of tiing is not tight enough. Moreover, when line is awkward or imbalanced with overall face, double eyelid line is asymmetry, or severe scar need eyelid revision.

Dr. Hwang In Seok, ID Hospital plastic surgery division advised, “When having double eyelid revision, limited exfoliation is conducted to remain ruined tissue at the first surgery and minimize the scar.” “It is avoidable for having repeated revisions, when surgery is initiating after grasping the exact position of nerves and muscles of eye.”

Original article: seoulen@seoul.co.kr(April 8, 2016)