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Middle-aged entrepreneurs and specialists enhance their business capability by transforming their looks

2016-05-18 16:27

ID Hospital Asian Beauty Center, analyzed patients who had wrinkle removal procedure and conducted a 1:1 survey with them

While the recession has been a big issue in today’s society, there’s changing wave in anti-aging among middle-aged people who work actively in society. Professionals with higher education and high income, female CEO, the executives of companies and etc have undergone ‘business plastic surgery’, such as wrinkle removal or anti-aging to enhance their competitiveness by younger appearance. In fact, this wave is seen clearly through a survey that one hospital conducted of patients who got wrinkle removal.

ID Hospital Asian Beauty Center (Sang Hoon Park, head doctor/plastic surgery specialist) conducted a survey of 200 patients who had wrinkle removal procedures, such as face lifting and non-incision SMAS lifting (thread lifting) starting from January to December in 2015. As a result, 42% (84 patients) of total respondents are professionals and CEOs, do their own businesses and etc. This result tells that the main motivation to get wrinkle removal procedure is to improve appearance for doing a good business and it has been a trend among middle-aged people.

Also, 74.5% (149 people) of this group get high income; their income is higher than the average income of 3-persons family which is 4,816,665 KRW and 24.5% (49 people) of total respondents earn over 10,000,000 KRW per a family. People in this group prefer thread lifting which is conducted with non-incision method and makes natural result without leaving any surgical trace than incision method which affects daily life.

In the group, 27.5% (55 people) had SMAS lifting whereas 14.5% (29 people) had face lifting. As their incomes are higher, it’s seen clear that people with high income prefer the thread lifting (non-incision SMAS lifting). 34% (34 people) of total 100 patients who had thread lifting (SMAS lifting) earn over 10,000,000 KRW a month per family.

In accordance with this changing trend, non-surgical anti-aging treatment, such as non-incision wrinkle treatment, has been developed lately. This is a combination of face lifting and non-incision procedure so it removes wrinkles and brings your young look back. SMAS layer refers to fibromatosis which is located between hypodermic layer that is located in deeper area than where dermis and muscle layer are. According to the survey ID hospital conducted, 85% of respondents who had SMAS lifting chose thread lifting because it makes more natural look and 75% of them chose the thread lifting because the recovery period is short.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park (plastic surgery specialist) at ID hospital Asian Beauty Center said “middle-aged people with high income, visit to the plastic surgery hospital because they think having a plastic surgery to get younger look, such as removal of wrinkles, is the same as investing for themselves, such as purchasing brand-name products. They are interested in not only the simple procedures, such as botox or fillers but also SMAS face lifting (thread lifting) which doesn’t really affect the daily life and makes a good result.”

Original Article: Herald Economic, 5/3/2016