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Mini V-line chin surgery to make a simple V-line

2016-08-03 17:25


A-Ra Kim (22 years old, Seoul), hoping to become a flight attendant, is waiting and counting the days for Summer vacation. Because of her angular face, she doesn’t look pretty even when she smiles, so she has decided to get an orthognathic surgery during the Summer since she would have more time.

Facial contouring surgeries such as V-line surgery, which is to make face slimmer, are different from other popular plastic surgeries like double eyelid surgery or nose surgery. It’s normal to get it during long holidays or vacation time since the recovery period is 1 to 2 weeks. However, if the extent of square jaw is not serious and if it’s possible to make a slimmer face just with a slender chin, then getting ‘mini V-line chin surgery’, which has minimized the surgery time and recovery period, is worth considering.
Unlike Square jaw surgery that refines the entire jaw, mini V-line chin surgery reduces the size of the wide chin at the frontal part to make a V-line. It can change a stubby chin into a slimmer one and give us a much more slimming effect, which existing square jaw surgery could not do.

Dr. JaeHyun Kwon, a specialist in plastic surgery, said “chin that looks round and dull can be fixed simply with T-osteotomy for a V-line effect, and the time required for the surgery is not that long. The recovery period is much shorter than other surgeries, and it even gives us a natural change.”

Mini V-line chin surgery is a T-osteotomy that makes a T-shape cut to the end of the chin bone. It can have a simultaneous effect of changing the dull chin into one with V-line and shortening the length of the chin at the same time. Especially it can adjust the position of the end of the chin, which can improve no-chin, asymmetrical jaw, or slight prognathism to make it slim.

Not only that, even if it’s the same V-line surgery, the recovery time can be reduced if the degree of the operation is low. Mini V-line chin surgery only fixes the chin, which shortens the operation time to 30 minutes, and you can get back to your daily routine in only 2~3 days after the surgery. Moreover, it avoids the nerve path, minimizing the risk of nerve damage and ensuring a safe operation.
Dr. Kwon suggested that “even when the surgery offers a condition of a fast recovery, it’s important to choose medical team with full and rich experience in the first place in order to avoid re-operation or side effects. Also, if you choose a hospital-grade medical institution that enables you to precisely analyze the structure of your face by using high-technique equipment such as 3D CT, V-CEPH, and X-ray, then you will have a satisfactory result.”

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