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Dissatisfied with your eyelid surgery? double eyelid surgery, eye revision surgery, revision surgery, revision surgery speciali

2016-08-10 14:49

The double eyelid surgery has become one in which it can be received during a short period of time without being burdensome in many ways. However, due to many hospitals target on just the low costs, patients have been dissatisfied with their outcomes or have even experienced side-effects. It is recommended that 6 months after the first surgery is a good time for review and to determine for a revision surgery. The most frequently occurred side effect is that the eyelid lines become relent, meaning that the line comes very loose or disappears in time totally.

Dr. In Seok Hwang of ID hospital emphasizes the need to consult with a specialized surgeon. He states that since the tissues are already damaged from the first surgery, a limited scaling method to restore the cells and to minimize the appearance of the scar should be used, by locating the nerves and muscles so that patients do not undergo another revision surgery.


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