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Artist JaeHwan Jung held an exhibition at ID Hospital for healing minds. euphoria, psychology art, depression, obsession, emoti

2016-08-11 11:10

Recently, JaeHwan Jung held his 7th personal exhibition. The main theme was ‘euphoria’, which means narcissism and extreme happiness, and it took place in a hospital instead of gallery or art museum so that anyone can easily visit and see.

In this exhibition at ID Hospital, JaeHwan Jung displayed his works that show unstable psychological condition he has been experiencing now and during his treatment for depression and obsession. Using various images and colors, he especially focused on metaphorical expression of emotions that are difficult to disclose.

He developed existing weaving technique into a collage that combines the elements of character and cartoon. He used this new technique for audience to find shadows behind the colorful lights. It was for patients and visitors who are depressed or going through hardships to get healed.

I was able to have an interview with JaeHwan Jung, who has been trying to give a gleam of light and hope to many through his exhibition.

Q. What is the theme of this exhibition?
A. It is ‘euphoria’, which means narcissism and extreme happiness. As I began preparing for this exhibition, I chose my kidult story as the starting direction of my work. You can think of the characters in my exhibition as work that show my unstable psychological condition now and during the treatment for depression and obsession.

Q. As you said, you expressed your unstable psychological condition, and the people in your work look normal but unique. Is there any specific reason for that?
A. If you look at the pictures, most of the people are holding cigarettes in their mouth. Those are mediums that can give psychological effects like how my antidepressants did during the treatment for depression. In the piece where brain is cut off the head, I wanted to portray the condition of maximized sensibility without ideal thoughts.
It was to depict the dreamy experience of mind and body being separated after taking antidepressants, and I tried to show what I couldn’t express with words through facial expressions and appearance.

Q. Then, are those people described in your works your self-portrait?
A. It surely does illustrate my experience, but I also looked into actors who played the main role in the movie ‘Trainspotting’ that showed the treatment process for drugs as well as those who committed suicide due to depression or became social issues. I transformed them or revived them through a special technique like weaving technique.

Q. What are the things you consider most important?
A. Through various images and colors, I have been focusing on metaphorical expression of emotions, which are difficult to reveal. In extension of adding bright images and colors to a dark background, I newly developed the weaving technique that has been mainly used into a collage which combines the elements of character and cartoon. I wanted my audience to look for shadows that are hidden behind the colorful lights.
Through this exhibition I used depression which cannot only be seen as disease of mind but as what most people experience today. I tried to show how people communicate their feelings and the importance of the warmth between people through it.

Q. How do you think your works are affecting people?
A. My art pieces are recreating the dark image of depression into a bright one, depicting a story of overcoming the depression. Therefore, I think if people who have been depressed or going through struggles look at my art, they will be able to get some healing effect.
As people who are coming to ID Hospital have depression and complex with their appearance, I wish that my works would be a glimmer of light and hope for them like I got over the depression.

Q. As an ending note, I would like to ask you how it was to work with ID Hospital.
A. Three years have passed since I got a chance to connect with ID Hospital. I’m grateful that the hospital has offered a great environment for holding exhibition to not-well-known artists.
The place for exhibition was constructed with bright and nice marble, so it can give a look different from a fixed gallery. I hope that this place will get synergy effect after this exhibition. I would like to express my gratitude to the head doctor and all other related personnel who arranged everything.


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