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Korea to be the 3rd country to get plastic surgery the most, one higher rank than last year. world plasticsurgery, korea plasti

2016-08-26 17:48


According to the research done by ISAPS, the number of plastic surgery operated in Korea in 2015 ranks the 3rd in the world. This is higher than in 2014, where Korea ranked 4th. Following the United States (1st) and Brazil (2nd), it shows that Korea is the country that is leading the trend of plastic surgery in the world.

The most often operated plastic surgery in Korea is double eyelid surgery, and the research has shown that about a 100,000 double eyelid surgeries were operated last year. It is followed by nose surgery and fat graft, and nonsurgical treatments such as botox and filler were done 710,000 times in 2015.

Dr. SangHoon Park, the head doctor of ID Hospital, said “Korea’s plastic surgery market is growing every year as it reflects Koreans’ high interest in taking care of their looks.” He explained that “one of the main reasons for such huge growth is the increase in foreigners’ interest in plastic surgery and medical tours.”

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