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How to get rid of square jaw and have a natural slim face? - square jaw, facial contouring, v line, slim face, jawline, jaw sur

2016-11-14 15:58

People who consider of undergoing plastic surgery usually have a conflict to choose between naturalness and maximum effectiveness from the surgery. If you are more concerned about naturalness, you may worry that you do not seem to look having a surgery, but if the surgery is focused on making an effective result, you may worry about looking like a monster after surgery.

Square jaw surgery is not exceptional. If you focus on making a v shaped face which makes your face looks slimmer, you may be worried to be unnatural with a sharp chin, whereas if you want to have a natural jaw line, you may feel sad that no one can recognize you having a surgery.

There is a limit to do revision facial contouring surgery because facial bone has to be removed, so you have to set a right surgical plan before the surgery and careful surgery has to be followed after that.

To make a natural slim face, facial contouring surgery has to be conducted by considering proportion of facial width and length. It is known that width of face can be reduced by removing angular jaw area which causes square jaw, along with some parts of cortical bone and reducing volume of jaw muscle.

Generally, facial width is measured on 3 areas; widths of cheekbone, square jaw, and lower part of a face. When the proportion of each width and face length is 1:0.7:0.4, you would look natural and slim at the same time.

If you would like to have a natural and slim v line face, the surgery has to be conducted by the specialist who can figure out facial line and anatomical structure well.

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