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A wide square jaw can be improved by square jaw reduction surgery - v line surgery, square jaw reduction, facial contouring, sl

2016-11-14 17:03

Angular face can be a big complex to people who want to have a gorgeous look. A wild looking, especially caused by square jaw cannot be hidden by makeup.

There are some causes of having a square jaw. A square jaw can be caused by inborn jaw bone shape but also by habits; eating hard food or resting chin on the hand. These habits develop a large jaw muscles and change jaw bone shape. The edge of chin looks flat so that whole face looks angular.

The most people choose to undergo square jaw reduction to improve angular face to a soft look. Square jaw surgery is kind of facial contouring surgeries which reduces angular area and volume and also excessively developed muscles. Reduction range of face width and length can be decided by facial proportion.

The square jaw surgery which reduces jaw volume, cortical bone, and also muscles, can make a more reduction than the regular square jaw surgery that only improves angular face.

Dr. Jong Woo Lim, Plastic surgery specialist at ID hospital, said “to make angular face becomes naturally slimmer, you may think of structure of facial bone and jaw muscles includes cutting. Also, you will get a good result if the surgery is undergone by the specialist who can figure out the facial bone structure well through 3D CT.”