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How to get a small face? - v line, cheekbone reduction, facial contouring, two jaw surgery, double jaw surgery, small face. sli

2016-11-21 16:13

In Korea, ‘small face’ is one of standards that decide beauty. In general, a small face is known as a v shaped-face which makes a slim face.

Hence, the plastic surgery specialists emphasize that face width and length should be considered equally to make a small face. The representative plastic surgery that makes a small face is bone surgery, such as orthognathic surgery (two jaw surgery) and facial contouring surgery.

When the surgical plan is set in detail with consideration of each face length and shape, the effectiveness of surgery to make a small face can be maximized.

However, many specialists make a mistake that they make an old looking face because they only reduce the width of face by square jaw reduction or cheekbone reduction but they do not reduce the length of face.

For this case, it would be better if another plastic surgery which makes a reduction of face length is added. The proportion of forehead, philtrum, and chin that make a long face have to be analyzed in detail and apply the right surgery method to improve each cause that makes a long face, then a slim and small face will be perfectly made.

Also, when the surgery is conducted after finding the cause of making a long face, the ideal facial proportion for a small face is made.