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What is a facial contouring surgery? - facial contouring, facial contour, v line, cheekbone reduction, jaw line

2016-12-05 14:37

Many people are considered to undergo a facial contouring surgery to improve an angular and uneven look.

A facial contouring surgery can be distinguished into 2 surgeries; 1) square jaw surgery which makes a jaw line becomes slimmer and 2) cheekbone reduction which moves protruding cheekbone so that it changes the facial line of middle face becomes smoother.

This surgery is conducted by osteotomy of separation area which is located between orbit bone and cheekbone. Reduction range can vary depends on the location of osteotomy.

During the operation, osteotomy is done with L-shaped or C-shaped. High-L osteotomy refers to osteotomy conducted close to the orbit bone, is appropriate when lateral cheekbone is severely protruding.

As the location of cheekbone osteotomy is higher, the effectiveness of face reduction is stronger and as the maximum protruding point moves to the front, face width will be reduced and frontal cheekbone will be voluminous.

To maximize safety and effectiveness of a surgery, an experienced specialist has to figure out the appropriate location for osteotomy.