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Visit of journalists from the middle-east to Id Hospital - Korean plastic surgery, Arab, journalist, cosmetic surgery, plastic

2016-12-19 10:40

Journalists from the middle-eastern countries, Qatar and Kuwait, visited to Id Hospital to see Korean plastic surgery level and expand medical exchange.

This visit was a part of an ‘Individual invitation of foreign journalists 2016’ which was conducted by Korean Overseas Culture Information Service that is the Ministry of Culture and Tourism-affiliated organization. On the 12th, the Chief-editor and senior members of ‘Al Arab’ and ‘Qatar News Agency’ from Qatar and, on the 25th, the chief-editor of ‘Al Rai’ from Kuwait visited to Id Hospital.

Korean plastic surgery is known as one of the best in the world and Id Hospital has the largest scale in Korean plastic surgery field. Also, it is the hospital-level medical organization and everything which is needed for surgery, from consultation to after-surgery treatment, can be done at Id Hospital. Especially, they provide Arabic translation service and prayer room with offering carpet and Quran as the number of Arabic patients has increased recently. This made Id Hospital received high praise.

The journalists from the middle-east interviewed Dr. Sang Hoon Park (plastic surgery specialist) about medical service and exchange between Korea and the middle-east countries. They agreed with necessity of Korea-Middle East medical organization so that patients who get the surgery in Korea do not have to go back to Korea and get the treatment after surgery in their countries.

Dr. Park said that a lot of Korean medical organizations are planning to extend its business to the middle-east and many middle-east countries are also making efforts to improve medical environment for their people. He also believes that the quality of medical service would be improved when Korea and the middle-east countries work for smooth medical exchange.