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ID opened "ID Slimming Center" to help making a perfect body shape! - body contour, diet, dieting, slim body, fat removal

2016-12-26 15:24

According to national health statistics conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2014, obesity rate of adults who are over 19 years old is 31.5% and it would be expected to increase up to 46.4% in 2025. This means that 3 out of 10 people are obese and a half number of total people would be obese after 10 years later.

Thus, people’s interest in dieting has increased every year. Especially, 95% of women are considered themselves as obese and dieting became such thing that they have to do forever.

Hence, ID dermatology has open ‘ID Slimming Center‘ where provides body shape management programs based on non-surgical slimming big data and they are expanding treatment services that used to be focused on lifting and skin care.

ID Slimming Center is a premium body shape management center which helps to improve body line for people who are tired of repetitive dieting. A physical constitution that hardly gets fats can be made by removing the main cause factor that helps gaining excessive fats. You can experience a differentiated body slimming program through a ‘person to person care program’ at ID body shape center.

ID Slimming Center provides a customized body shape management program depends on individual’s body shape and fat cells by having a body injection, such as Slimstar program, Bodyfit coordination, and Starfit injection and high intensity laser treatment.

Know-hows of ID’s medical team who used to be doctors of Korean national team offers differentiated obesity treatment recipes with consideration of body balance for an individual based on body analysis.

Jung Ah Ko, a dermatologist at ID dermatology, said “ID dermatology’s body slimming program would help people who failed in dieting to get a perfect body shape.”