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Want to have a small face? V line surgery is the solution! - facial contouring, mini v line, facial bone surgery

2017-01-02 16:44

"Your face is so small!” This is what celebrities hear very often when they appear on the screen. In Korea, a perception that a small face equals a pretty look has been swaying its society.

A longing for a small face started from celebrities on TV, but popularization of using smart phones motivated people to undergo plastic surgery for having a small face. Taking a selfie and sharing it with other people on social network services, such as Instagram or Facebook, is very normal thing in these days. People hope to get more attention to their appearances from others and they also want others admire of their appearances. This has created a facial contouring plastic surgery market.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park (ID Hospital) who developed T-osteotomy facial bone plastic surgery for the first time in Korea said “Now days, T-osteotomy is used very often when a facial contouring surgery conducted. However, before 2008 when I registered on PRS (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery/ American Medical journal), facial bone plastic surgery method, such as T-osteotomy, was not well known at that time. About that time, the main surgery was removing lower jaw angle which starts from under the ear and ends at frontal chin but it did not make a big difference, especially on the frontal view. However, T-osteotomy cut frontal chin with T-shaped, removes middle bone then combine together so it gives a clear V line effect seeing from both side and also front.”

Also, he advised that many surgery methods were developed with using T-osteotomy and have been using for facial bone surgeries recently; mini-v line surgery method, DIA osteotomy which expands length of bone without bone graft. And it is important to choose the right doctor who is skillful and has a lot of experiences and also the right hospital which possesses professional medical system.”