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ID Hospital supports a new Korean make over program - two jaw surgery, facial contouring, plastic surgery, men plastic surgery

2017-01-09 11:14

The second episode of ‘Super Face Off Project’ that helps the contestants get confidence back, on Africa TV (Korean personal live program) was on air last week.

On the second episode of “Beagles Let Me In” (Korean make over program which is a personal live program on Africa TV), Seung Joo"s after surgery result was opened to the public. Seung Joo is one of the contestants and he looks similar to Chan Yeol from EXO (Korean boy group). The contestants of this season were chosen by a live vote. ID Hospital provided the free surgeries to these lucky contestants.

Also, inquiries of application increased than the first episode; the number of inquiries was over 1000 this time. Besides jaw problem, a lot of women are concerned about small breasts so the number of inquiries on breast augmentation has increased. This program is a make over program and made by a new format so it captures attention from many viewers.

The episode about surgeries of Seung Joo and Ye Sol (another contestant of the season) will be open to the public soon on ID Hospital’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.