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Who needs to undergo two jaw surgery? - orthognathic surgery, double jaw surgery, protruding mouth, protruding chin, malocclusi

2017-01-16 10:36

Mr. Park does not have any good memory of his school years. He always wore a black mask to hide his face because of a severely protruding chin and malocclusion. He was bullied by his classmates. His classmates abused him physically and verbally for no reason, except that they did not like his look.

Park looked back on the past and said “I used to think that I was a useless person. Why should I be bullied because I look ugly?”

Park had a two-jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) at Id Hospital in November 2016. He applied for selecting a contestant of Korean online make-over show called ‘Beagles’ and became a winner so that he had the surgery for free.

Park said that people around him opposed the surgery because of some reasons; two-jaw surgery is risky, men don’t do a plastic surgery, or he would be a plasty monster after surgery. But, he definitely needed the two-jaw surgery. He realized that two-jaw surgery is not risky and it is not an unnecessary surgery after he had the surgery at Id Hospital. People, who have severe protruding chin, are bullied by others for their entire lives. And it makes them lose their confidence. People’s cognition that a plastic surgery is bad, can be a violence to those who suffered from facial issues. It makes them feel more miserable that people say not to do the surgery but they do not like ugly look.

Dr. Tae Sung Lee (Id Hospital) who performed the surgery said that most of patients who need two-jaw surgery have protruding chin or mouth so that they are recognized that they definitely need the surgery apparently. In this case, two-jaw surgery is selected as a solution to solve both functional and cosmetic issues at the same time. But, as a result, patient’s satisfaction would be high when cosmetic issue is solved. Two-jaw surgery is a complicated surgery that upper and lower jaw has to be cut and correct their location so it should be done at the hospital where experienced doctors are and also has safe medical system.