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Introducing Id"s new breast implant, "Micro texture implant" - breast augmentation, breast surgery, boob job, boob, plastic sur

2017-01-23 10:55

Women prepare for making a perfect body starting from winter. Many women, who plan to undergo breast surgery, usually do the surgery before the summer comes. But they hesitate to do surgery because they worry about shape, feeling, and scars after surgery.

To solve these concerns, micro texture implant, which is an upgraded version of tear drop implant, developed and it attracts a huge interest of women.

Plastic surgery specialist Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang (ID Hospital) said that most of women are worried about unnatural shape, feeling, and moves of breasts after breast surgery.

However, micro-textured implant is developed by removing weakness and improving strength of existing implant, so it helps breast tissue to harmonize with implants well; its texture is made more detailed than existing implant. Dr. Hwang also said that micro texture implant lowers chance of capsular contracture phenomenon and also reduces complications after breast surgery so it is effective to create the most idealized breast line. Dr. Hwang also mentioned that when breast pocket is 120% of the implant size, the most idealized feeling is given. Doctors at ID Hospital have researched to make the perfect feeling with a new surgical method ‘Dual Plain Plus’ which inserts upper part of implant under the breast muscles and covers lower part of implant with fascia.

However, he advised that you should do enough researching on doctors if they have abundant experiences or on hospital if it has safe system to get satisfied surgery result.