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How is a perfect nose shape made? - rhinoplasty, nose job, nose surgery, nose implant, nose fillers, plastic surgery in Korea

2017-01-31 10:48

A perfect nose shape which is considered as high nose bridge and little bit upturned nose tip, is a key factor to make a good looking.
Everyone has a different shape and structures of nose bridge and nose tip so that the surgical method for rhinoplasty should be different for each individual.

These days, the most important thing when you undergo rhinoplasty is customized rhinoplasty and nose implant that can make a perfectly natural looking nose. Recently, ‘Mesh Rhinoplasty’ has been a big issue in a community related to rhinoplasty.

Dr. Il Hwan Kim from Id Hospital said that when rhinoplasty is done with using nasal bone to support nose tip, it would be strong but it gives a hard feeling when you touch it after surgery and also it would be impossible to make a piggy nose. On the other hand, using a new material ‘Mesh’ cartilage, high and strong supporter for nose bridge and nose tip will be made. Since it does not cause hard feeling on nose tip, it can make a natural nose movement, such as making a piggy nose.

Moreover, with using Mesh cartilage, a natural looking nose can be made and inflammation would hardly be occurred because there is no empty space between nose bridge and nose tip by strong connection of implants. Also, Mesh cartilage is bonded strongly so it keeps a sharp nose tip and it minimizes incision scar by minimal incision and minute suture. And since the surgery time is short, it hardly causes bleeding, swelling, and bruises so it makes a fast recovery and you can go back to your daily routine.

To get a satisfied surgery result, the surgery should be conducted under a plastic surgery specialist who can make a perfect nose shape to make it balanced to the whole face. Also, you have to check if the hospital provides virtual plastic surgery, thorough disinfecting system, and 1:1 customized medical service.