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Contestants of Korean makeover show had plastic surgeries at Id Hospital for free! - breast augmentation, two jaw surgery, faci

2017-02-06 12:15

The second episode of Korean online make over show ‘Beagles Makeover Avengers’ was on air. On the first episode, amazing result of the final contestant was open to the public and a new contestant was introduced. This episode attracted many viewers’ attention.

Eunji Park, the first contestant, was on air. She had attractive appearance but she was concerned about small breasts which were size AA.

Eunji was told by people a lot that her breasts were too small compared to her body. And she proved that she had insecurity on her breasts by showing the breast pad that was taken out from her bra.

After introducing of Eunji’s story, Hyunji Park, who is a body trainer but concerned about a square jaw, came on the show.

These two lucky contestants were selected through a fierce competition. The number of total applicants was 500 and 10 people were selected as candidates and among those candidates, only 2 people got a chance to have surgery at Id Hospital for free.

The makeover show ‘Beagles Makeover Avengers’ that does not only help for changing appearance but also healing inner pain, will be broadcast on Africa TV (Korean online broadcasting).

You can check out their further stories on Id hospital’s homepage and YouTube channel.