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Check list before facial bone plastic surgery - orthognathic surgery, two jaw surgery, v line surgery, cheekbone reduction, fac

2017-02-13 09:58

Orthognathic surgery (two jaw surgery) and facial contouring surgery are representative facial bone surgeries. However, their surgical methods are different and each surgery is needed for different case, so the surgical plan should be set up after figuring out one’s face shape.

Orthognathic surgery moves jaw bones which cause a malocclusion, and aligns it to be normal. A person whose chin is developed abnormally, such as protruding chin, facial asymmetry, long face, and mouth protrusion, are needed to undergo orthognathic surgery.

This surgery does not only improve functional issue (malocclusion), but also makes aesthetic effects by cutting abnormally developed jaw bones.

A facial contouring surgery makes more aesthetic results than orthognathic surgery does because facial contouring surgery improves square jaw or protruding cheekbones then make a soft face line. Facial contouring surgery makes a slim face by cutting angular or protruding facial bones so it gives an effect that one’s impression would be soft.

These two surgeries should be done under diagnosis of professional medical team because this surgery changes soft tissues, such as facial bones, muscles, and cells where nerves are located intensively.
Dr. Sang Hoon Park from Id Hospital said that facial bone surgeries should be done after finding a certain cause of face shape and occlusion of jaws. Also, it would be better to have a surgery at hospital where both plastic surgery and dental departments work together and anesthesiologists stay all the time.