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Secret of a baby face, "Non-incision SMAS face lifting" and "Blepharoplasty" - eyelids surgery, id hospital, skin, anti-aging,

2017-02-22 11:15
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A perfect wrinkle remover, ‘Non-incision SMAS face lifting’
Mi Young Jang (52 years old), who used have a young looking face, recently has a concern. She’s been told by her friends that she looks older than before. She also feels the same because her skin that used to be elastic without any wrinkle, turned out looking saggy with deep wrinkles. So Mi Young was in a hurry to go visit to hospital because ‘non-incision SMAS face lifting’ that gives a visible face lifting result in a short time, occurred to her mind.
‘Non-incision face lifting’ is one of the anti-aging solutions in Gangnam, Seoul where leads Korean beauty trend. It is a perfect lifting surgery for middle-aged people who would like to be recovered in a short time but have a strong effect after surgery. There is no incision needed but using elastic band so it lifts up SMAS layer which is located in skin. It gives stronger effect and shorter recovery time than thread lifting. Especially, elastic band that is made by similar material to human body tissue so you can make a natural facial expression after surgery and people hardly recognize you had a surgery. Mi Young could smile during the time she was at the hospital and said that she felt like she went back to the time when she was young by getting the surgery that was done after doctor’s accurate diagnosis.

Upper and lower blepharoplasty for eyes
Eun Sook Kim (54 years old), has been told by people that she looks young through doing self-management for keeping her beauty. But she also has a concern; saggy eyes. She’s been using famous eye cream and also doing eye massage but it didn’t work out for saggy eyes and protruding under eyes. Her daughter felt sad when she saw her mother was stressed about her eyes so she took her to the plastic surgery hospital. Eun Sook decided to do upper and lower blepharoplasty after consultation.
Skin around eye areas is thinner than other areas so aging is processed fast and wrinkles, saggy eyes, and sunken under eyes are occurred. In this case, these symptoms make a tiring and old look. To improve these problems, upper blepharoplasty is recommended. With upper blepharoplasty, upper skin on the eyes is cut and skin on the cut area is lifted up and new eyelids are made. In addition, if you undergo lower blepharoplasty together, smooth and younger looking eyes can be made because lower blepharoplasty removes or repositions protruding fats under eyes. Eun Sook said that she was against to plastic surgery at first, but after she’s done with surgery, she felt like she was much younger than her age. She couldn’t hide her happiness.

A steady self-management is required!
Even though you have a young looking face, nobody can avoid the passing of time. But, a steady self-management may be a key to erase traces of time. ‘Over Class’ is that a doctor diagnoses current skin condition, then does surgery, and provides customized anti-aging methods.

At the hospital where is certificated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
To gain people’s trust and international acknowledge, Korean government established a certification system for a patient’s safety and improving medical service quality. In general, this system is given to high level hospitals, such as university hospital or general hospital. But Id Hospital is the first plastic surgery hospital where is certificated by the government. Id Hospital provides differentiated medical services and it makes high satisfaction from their patients. They keep trying their best for their patient’s safety and satisfaction.