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Id Hospital spreads Korean beauty all over the world - korean plastic surgery, two jaw surgery, v line, facial contouring, rhin

2017-03-13 14:34


"We are planning to establish a local hospital in cooperation with China"s largest electronics distributor. This year will be the first year to spread the beauty capability of Id Hospital to the world."

Park Sang-Hoon, a director of the hospital, said he would concentrate on informing the world about K-beauty. The plan is to strengthen the service for foreign patients who are flocking to Korea, and also to promote localization strategies.

Dr. Park said, "The interest in beauty has grown not only in Korea but also in China and other parts of the world. We will send local medical staff to China, Thailand and Japan to inform K-Beauty as well as foreign patients coming to Korea for surgery.

Park Sang-Hoon plastic surgery clinic was the matrix of Id Hospital which was established in 2000. Id Hospital is the only plastic surgery hospital that was certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. At the time of opening, they started with 1 doctor and 3 nurses but now there are 26 specialists and over 300 staffs including nurses and staffs, so it became the largest-sized plastic surgery hospital in Korea.

Dr. Park said that expertise of ‘facial bone’, differentiation, and patient care philosophy are the keys for growth of Id Hospital. Id Hospital is one of the few plastic surgery hospitals specializing facial bone surgeries, including orthognathic surgery.

He said that orthognathic surgery fixes upper and lower jaws so it causes inconvenience of breathing and doing daily activities. To solve these problems, he developed ‘No-tie orthognathic surgery’ that is not needed of tying jaws. He also developed T osteotomy for square jaw surgery that used to cut side jaw only. And he said “"Focusing on patient-centered thinking and the development of new technologies are what we have achieved today."

The name of new building of Id Hospital is ‘Asian Beauty Center (ABC). It contains Id’s strong will which is becoming a representative plastic surgery hospital in Asia. Id Hospital’s safety and reliability are verified by a certification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Dr. Park said that although all plastic surgery hospitals emphasize safety and global services, there is no hospital that was strictly verified. So it is meaningful that Id Hospital was certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare because it suggested the way to go for Korean plastic surgery.

By 2015, Korea"s beauty market was worth 9 trillion 35.5 billion won, about to reach 10 trillion won soon. The number of foreign patients coming to Korea for plastic surgery increases by more than 20% every year. Seven out of ten patients are Chinese.

40% of Id Hospital patients are foreigners. Id Hospital named their new building as Asian Beauty Center and they also expanded the number of medical staffs and coordinators for foreign patients only. There are coordinators in Id Hospital for patients who are from Mongolia, UAE, Vietnam, Japan, China, Thailand, and USA. They resolve the inconveniences such as language, transportation, and accommodation through self-investment and also external cooperation. For Arabic patients, they provide prayer room so they considered cultural differences.

According to Dr. Park, the biggest discomfort of foreign patients going through is language and accommodation. So Id Hospital provides limousine service and also the best accommodation service through affiliated hotel which is located right next to the hospital.

A small plastic surgery clinic has become the largest-sized hospital now but there is also a concern following. As the plastic surgery market has been overheated, competition among hospitals is cutthroat.

Dr. Park turned his eyes to overseas. Id Hospital made a partnership with Suning, the largest home application distributor in China. He plans to open a number of local hospitals this year and provide medical services. It would introduce Korean plastic surgery capability and help for inflow of patients to Korea.

He also said that he will establish a hospital in China and try to build up the name of Asian Beauty Center throughout Asia. As their medical services are in compliance with international standards, localization strategies will be successful