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What is the trend of rhinoplasty in 2017? - nose surgery, nose job, nose implant, Korean plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, pla

2017-03-27 12:26

What is the plastic surgery trend in 2017? Korean plastic surgery techniques are on the highest level in the world and its shape and surgical method are leading the trend in Asia. Let’s learn about the plastic surgery trend in 2017 with an expert!

According to the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) data for 2016, Korea is the country with the largest number of rhinoplasty in the world. In 2015, 72,562 people had rhinoplasty in Korea and Korea was ranked as number one country with the largest number of rhinoplasty, followed by Brazil (65,120) and the USA (49,855).

Dr. Il Hwan Kim (ID Hospital) explained why many Koreans undergo rhinoplasty. He said “A nose is center of a face so the face can be changed a lot depends on the shape and size of the nose. Korean’s nose is flat and bulbous compared to Westerners and it makes you think that your nose is not elegant. So to improve this concern, many Koreans decide to do rhinoplasty.”

He also said about rhinoplasty trend in 2017. He said that when a person undergoes rhinoplasty, the most important thing to consider about was the shape of a nose in the past but it’s changed to naturalness lately. For example, people preferred to have a straight nose or a curvy nose in the past, but now they want to have a natural looking nose so that no one recognizes that they had the surgery.

According to Dr. Kim, Mesh rhinoplasty which has no problem with touching the nose makes a natural looking nose. Mesh rhinoplasty is one of the rhinoplasty method using ear cartilage and a new cartilage called ‘Mesh’. A customized implant which is made based on your nose shape creates nose bridge and Mesh will be used for creating nose tip. So your nose will be hard and naturally elastic like nasal cartilage does.

He also predicted that number of undergoing revision rhinoplasty will be increased in 2017. As a preferred nose shape has changed, the number of people who undergo revision surgery would be increased to get a nose that fits their faces.

However, the price for revision surgery is expensive and it might be impossible to have revision surgery for some cases so he advised to have a consultation with an experienced specialist first. When you undergo revision surgery, it would not be a 100% the same as your ideal nose shape, so you should have a consultation about your surgery before having the surgery.

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