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What do you know about two jaw surgery (double jaw surgery)? - orthognathic surgery, id hospital, korea plastic surgery beforoe

2017-04-03 15:52

Orthognathic surgery is a typical surgery method that improves ones facial bone structure both functionally and aesthetically. Chin types such as long-chin, small chin, protruding chin and even facial asymmetry can be improved from receiving this surgery. It also makes a big facial change, meaning it requires high surgical techniques.

Dr. Lee Tae Sung from ID Hospital says “Orthognathic surgery is a surgery that can improve one’s functional and aesthetical problem by re-locating the upper and lower jaws. However since it’s a surgery that requires high surgical techniques, it’s important and necessary to visit a hospital that possesses health examination systems and also search for the type of surgical methods that the hospital is using”.

In many plastic surgery clinics or hospitals, it was vital to have fixations between the jaws using special bands or wires for about a month after having orthognathic surgery. Due to this reason, patients had to experience difficulties to speak or eat.

“To minimize such post-surgery inconveniences from orthognathic surgery, ID Hospital invented the ‘No-tie Two-jaw Surgery Method’. With this method, jaw fixations are unnecessary and therefore the patients are able to speak or eat better.” Said Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee also stated that it’s also important to choose a safe hospital with many surgery experiences.

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