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What do you know about square jaw reduction surgery? - v line surgery, facial contouring, mini v line, facial bone, korea plast

2017-04-17 15:24

One’s facial shape determines the first impression. If a person has soft features, it gives a good impression. An angular, square-jawed person gives a unattractive impression
Genetically angular jaw bone is the cause of the square jaw. However, it is possible that the jaw muscles are overdeveloped due to the habit of eating foods that are hard to chew frequently or constantly placing hands on the chin (supporting the chin), or the shape of the jaw itself may be distorted and become a square jaw.

Therefore, many people are considering square jaw surgery as an angular face improvement method. Square jaw surgery is a facial contour surgery that reduces the angular portion and volume of the jaw and reduces the excessively developed muscles.

In order to make angular faces as slender and natural as possible, the mandibular angle alone should not be reduced. Rather, the ratio of the face and the structure of the facial bone and jaw muscles should be considered overall to determine the reduction range of the face width and the length.

"If you perform surgery under the guidance of a medical team who can comprehend accurately the structure of the facial bone through 3D CT, the result of the surgery will be satisfactory," said Kwon Jae-Hyun, the director of the plastic surgery department of ID Hospital.