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Are you concerned about skin aging? Ulthera is the solution for you! - saggy skin, wrinkles, face lift, anti aging, de aging, d

2017-04-24 15:02

Women’s worries about their skin are endless.

Even people with clear skin stress over wrinkles, skin tone, dullness and other problems in their eyes.

In particular, skin aging is one of the most common dilemmas many women face.

No matter how tight and clean skin may be, nothing can stop the power of time.

Before you know it, skin becomes wrinkly and starts to sag.

Furthermore, skin tones and unpleasant textures can become such an embarrassing weakness that women may avoid looking in the mirror.

*In these cases, women often ask dermatologist and professionals for advice on recovering the youthfulness and beauty of their skin.

Dermatologist Dr. Min Ju, Kim (ID Hospital) says “In order to prevent skin aging, it is necessary to regularly apply sunscreen and skin oils, as well as try to develop proper habits.

“However if skin aging has already progressed to a certain extent or wrinkles are deep, having a professional check the skin condition and finding an effective and appropriate procedure would be the best option”.

The most effective lifting laser in the market is Ulthera; FDA approved, highly safe, and has high-intensity integrated ultrasound. It reaches the fascia layer (SMAS) to regenerate and promote collagen so that tightening and lifting effects can be seen.

Ulthera can constantly adjust the strength, depth and direction of the heat to the area where lifting is necessary, allowing it to accurately transmit the effective amount of energy to the required area.

However it is necessary to confirm whether the laser tip being used in the procedure is authentic and can effectively deliver the proper amount of energy to the targeted layer (SMAS) during the procedure.

Recently, there have been patients who seek these excellent benefits from Ulthera but are left suffering from a range of side-effects due to the use of illegal and imitation laser tips.

In order to prevent this, it is important to confirm that the hospital or clinic is recognized as safe and reliable by the government and Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Dr. Kim says “In order to find a highly recommend or reputable dermatologist, it is crucial to consider the techniques, satisfaction rate and results of skin lifting procedures. It is best to first consult with a dermatologist follows appropriate methods and standards of Ulthera.