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News Articles about Pixee Fox's Plastic Surgery Experience in Korea / Daily Mail / Daily Mirror / The Sun

2017-07-01 11:29
News Articles about Pixee Fox's Plastic Surgery Experience in Korea

Daily Mail / Daily Mirror / The Sun

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1. Daily Mail 


A plastic surgery addict who wants to look like a real-life superhero has undergone a painful jaw operation to give her a pointed chin just like a comic book character.

Pixee Fox travelled to Seoul, South Korea, for the dangerous procedure, which saw doctors break, shave and reset her jaw bone in order to transform the shape of her face.

The 27-year-old is creating a series of books around her own superhero character that she hopes will one day take on the multi-million dollar Wonder Woman franchise.

2. Daily Mirror 


plastic surgery addict has gone to extreme lengths to look like Wonder Woman as she has her jaw broken, shaved and then re-set.

Pixee Fox wanted to have a symmetrical v-shaped jawline so she looks like the comic book super hero.

The 27-year-old risked her life to have the operation , which she says is her most dangerous to date, in Seoul, Korea.

Pixee risked paralysing her face and had to spend a week unable to eat or talk. It will take her a full year to recover.

And it's all so she can feature in her own children's comic book series, which she is planning to launch, with her as the star.

2. The Sun



A PLASTIC surgery addict desperate to look like a superhero has had her jaw broken, shaved and reset, to mimic Wonder Woman.

Pixee Fox went through the agonising op to give her a symmetrical V-shaped jawline earlier this month.

The 27-year-old said the surgery is the most dangerous she’s had to date, and risked paralysing her.

She’s had around 100 ops, including six ribs removed, four boob jobs, two rounds of liposuction, labiaplasty, a brown and butt lift.

Now she’s recovering after having the op in Seoul, Korea, and spent a week unable to eat or talk.

Pixee, who lives in North Carolina, went under the knife ahead of plans to launch a children’s comic book series in which she features as the crime fighting protagonist.

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