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Global Patient Services ❤ Translators are available in 9 different languages!

2017-08-14 15:27

Global Patient Services ❤
At ID Hospital, translation services are provided for global patients.
From consultation to getting discharged after surgery, a translator will be with you throughout your visits to our Hospital.
Select your language:
Korean - http://www.idhospital.com/
English - http://eng.idhospital.com/
Thai - http://th.idhospital.com/
Japanese - http://jp.idhospital.com/
Chinese - http://cn.idhospital.com/
Mongolian - http://mn.idhospital.com/
Arabic - http://ar.idhospital.com/
Vietnamese - http://vn.idhospital.com/
Indonesian - http://id.idhospital.com/
(* Spanish and Russian services are also available)

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