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ID's Eyelid surgery / Double eyelid surgery

2018-01-02 11:35

ID Hospital's eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery is a simple surgery which only takes 1 ~ 1:30 hours.

You may think you can go to any clinics for consultation and get the cheapest quote and surgery.

BUT! Did you check the doctor has enough experience or the hospital has proper device or technology for patient's safety? Did the staffs translate well enough to tell your story to doctor what you want?

IF you are worrying about those things above, ID is the answer.

1.ID doctors have many experience : Before they work here, they used to work many clinics and university hospital so that they could learn new trend surgery and great skills.

2.ID Hospital's building and technology : 16 stories building only for ID Hospital and surgery. You don't have to see other hospital's patients or visitors.

3.ID Hospital's translators : We cover over 10 languages for example, English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mongolian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, and Spanish. They are native speakers or people who studied in the area for over 10 years.

For other languages which we don't mention above can be arranged later.  (Eg. French, Turkish, Cambodian..)