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High L / Low L Cheekbone reduction / Zygoma reduction ID Hospital

2018-01-05 11:38


Cheekbone reduction / ID Hospital

ID Hospital will explain you the concept of Cheekbone reduction.

Cheekbone reduction is the surgery which change the size of cheekbone by  using osteotomy.

By using ID's High L osteotomy, You can achieve much smaller face (which is really popular thing in Korea).

Not only reduce the size of cheekbone, but also improve facial ratio.

It also can be applied for Facial Feminization Surgery. (FFS)

I know that protruded cheekbone is a big problem for transgender and we already had many transgender patients who want to fix those problems.

To make your face more feminine,

To make your face more oval.


ID Cheekbone reduction will give you the solution!