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jaw plastic surgery story in Korea

2012-04-18 10:41
Korean jaw surgery before and after photo

I went to Korea id Plastic Surgery Hospital, for jaw plastic surgery, and results were quite satisfactory, they recovered quickly. hope my experience can give someone encouragement and help.
First of all, I would like to thank ID hospital to do my surgery and Korean translater, Mandibular angle plastic surgery procedures:
by general anesthesia, conventional prepped and draped. Incision directly under the periosteum of the mandibular angle, length of about 3-4cm, the masseter muscle attachment points along the subperiosteal dissection exposed ramus posterior edge, outside of the mandibular angle, trailing edge. Draw milling according to the design of the milling of bone mass, bone line; skillet milling bone machine, in accordance with the milling bone line milling in addition to the mandibular angle, the general arc milling in addition to 3 to 4cm long, 1 ~~ 2cm-high range, no bleeding after suture wounds. If the patient mast cheekis big , you can also remove part of the inner layer of the masseter muscle, or remove some of the buccal fat pad.After processing the incision was sutured, 7 to 10 days after suture removal. Mandibular angle surgery to remove security, we need to protect the neurovascular and milling bone symmetry.