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My cheek surgery in Korea

2012-04-19 14:13
Dear ID HOSPITAL doctors ,

thank you all for give me a better life now and im really happy about your service !
I am a fitness club yoga instructor, but My face is a kind of bloated and large, not very in tune with my body, then I found that any weight loss surgery can only reduce the fat of the body, face is in any case can not go on a diet to reduce I move the idea to want to do face-lift.

i found some information about plastic surgery hospital on Internet, also went to the orthopedic hospital consultants. then i found ID hospital with many good messages on website , i rang ID hospital for an appointment , after that , my life was changed . 🙂

from ID hospital "s translator , I met doctor sanghoon park, doctor park checked my face and made my surgery plan , and staffs in ID hospital were so nice and friendly , made me feel relax as well before my surgery.

i was a liitle scaredwhen i was Lying down on the operating table , but doctors "s Professional skills made me feel all safe in ID hospital. Now think about it was little funny, At that time, anesthesia, surgical procedures should be no feeling of pain . doctor park told me that the face bandage have to be with me by 3 days , face swelling will disappear after a week, you can work normally, but the facial muscles and complete neurological recovery 3 months.

when i went Back to my work club one week after surgery changes, my students and colleagues all said im the most beatutiful girl now , haha... Here again thanks to my surgery doctor park and the meticulous care of the beautiful nurses . Also grateful to korean translator . 🙂

thanks again and see you again when i come to korea for holiday !

ms . pretty