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Facelift Surgery

2012-05-01 13:28


Facelift Surgery
My plastic surgeon was Dr. youngtae Seo

I had a face-lift surgery. I was very pleased with the results and wouldn"t hesitate to do it again.

The surgery took about five hours to complete. I did not have my eyes (blepharoplasty) or forehead (browlift) done. My recovery time was very short. I planned on three weeks but within five days I was able to go outside with a small scarf around my neck. I had very little bruising. I was religious about keeping the ice packs on, which is very important.

I had an incredibly competent, wonderful surgeon. Dr. youngtae Seo prescribed an herb prior to, and after the surgery, which seemed to work very well. Most of the swelling was gone in a week. I feel that, even though I was a little puffy, I probably could have gone back to work after seven days but I had 20 years of sick time accumulated so I took advantage of it.

I have an Italian heritage so my skin is dark and stronger than that of, let"s say, an Irish person. I also exercise and eat right which also could have contributed to my quick recovery. (I had to wait at least four weeks to get back into my exercise routine. I tried to push this but I got dizzy. It"s not good to have the blood rush to your face. It is best to wait.)

Going under the knife takes courage but the results are well worth it. I chose not to keep my surgery a secret. I"m a poor liar and I had this fear that my nose would start to grow and.... I had the surgery performed so that I could look my best. I"m in sales; I"ve owned my own company for 23 years. My face and smile (I also had my teeth whitened.) are two of my greatest assets. I considered the expense an investment. So what if people know about it! What difference does it make? I"m proud that I have a face worth lifting:)
Thank you ID hospital !
- Jo