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Facelift, Chin Liposuction & Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

2012-05-01 16:04

I have wanted to have and planned for this facelift for about six years, but never got around to it. I finally decided, that at age 55, it was now or never
Once I got into this waiting mode, I decided that I might as well be recuperating from the liposuction that I had also dreamed about, and so I scheduled that for seven weeks earlier than my facelift.
gave me the perfect support ID hospital for which I will always be thankful.
Thursday,March 19th - Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Day
I arrive at ID hospital at 10 a.m.. This place is like a hotel hospital. They have everything here for emergencies and the staff is extraordinary. I have so many wonderful people tending to my every comfort and need. I luck out to get Dr. sanghoon park for consultative. My family and I really like him, because he has "no ego thing" going on. I have intravenous sedation (NOT general anesthesia), but they assure me that I will be kept asleep and I am. They wash my hair with a disinfectant and then my cosmetic plastic surgeon puts it in tiny bunches. He marks my face and the marks on my cheeks look like purple freckles. I am not nervous at all, but that could be the drugs working!
I wake up feeling great and need to urinate. I am given a bedpan. It presents no problem. I feel no pain.
After a short while, the nurses help me get dressed. I wear a big hat, which I refer to as "my helmet", and I wrap myself in a big scarf. This is for purely psychological reasons because this disquise fools no one.
It is now three days after my blepharoplasty and my eyes are only red, not swollen.
When we went back to ID hospital, the nurse was very sweet and I talked to her way more than I should have. I was almost wired, (from the pain pills I think).
10 Weeks After Surgery
Well, my face is finally starting to feel better.

The sides of my face are still somewhat numb, but it feels as if the numbness is not as deep.

The past few weeks had brought quite a bit of itching under the numb areas, which is a sign of healing. (An annoying sign, but a sign nonetheless.)

Lately the itching sensation seems to be subsiding.

My eyelids feel almost completely normal now. I only feel little tightness if I squeeze them shut very hard. The incisions are gone, with only extremely tiny little lumps still evident. They are easily covered by makeup, though.

The large, lumpy red scar under my chin (from the chin liposuction) has flattened tremendously. It is almost completely flat and flesh-colored now. The scars on my ears are almost invisible and the feeling is completely back.
In the grand scheme of things, I would say that my facelift, my blepharoplasty and chin definition surgery were a success. However, getting "old" still pisses me off. I guess that there"s not much I can do about that though.....
Thanks again ID hospital

- Tarea