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jill and shelly s plastic surgeies Experience-facelift

2012-05-04 10:13


Jill and Shelly had facelift surgeries last summer, here are their stories...

Jill"s Story

When we meet patients for consultation we are not only interested in “the what” such as droopy eyes or saggy neck, but also “the why.” For Jill the why was simple. She believed in “looking and feeling her absolute best.”
Jill says that before surgery she had a lot of questions so she "made a list so as not to forget in the excitement" of her new preoperative visit. In fact, she commented about how informative and supportive the staff was both before and after surgery
After having cosmetic surgery, Jill absolutely loves her results! She said, “The things that bothered me about my face no longer do and I feel more beautiful at 49 than I did at 35. I was able to rid those things that bothered me about my appearance. As I approach 50, I never felt more attractive both inside and out....

Shelley"s Story

"I had reached a point when every time I looked in the mirror I was hit harder and harder by the reflection of a very old lady; unattractive and not feminine. Certaintly not the face I expected to see - my face. I saw "tired" when I was actually energized. I saw "angry" despite feeling calm and relaxed. I delayed going to a consultation for a few years, thinking that perhaps a few more makeup tricks would do it...
“By the time I came in for "The Big Day", I felt as prepared as i could have been. I was nervous that morning because, after all, it WAS major surgery. But I was equally excited and eager to finally go through with it. Once in the surgical suite, everyone was so very solicitous, upbeat and comforting. That, plus being given a pre-op sedative, was tremendously reassuring
"In the time since I had my cosmetic surgery, I have been very pleased with the results. Pleased that I know longer look angry and tired all the time. Do I look like I did when I was 21? No, I"m leaving that to my daughter. But I do look refreshed, more relaxed, just as my physician told me I would. I am more self-confident and I like what I see in the mirror....