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Facelift: Francesca’s story

2012-05-07 13:54
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Facelift: Francesca’s story
“Cosmetic surgery gave me back my sense of identity”
58 year old Franceska Harrison is smiling for the first time in years after successful cosmetic procedures at ID plastic surgery Hospital have helped to reverse the ageing process, boosting her confidence and giving her back her sense of identity.
As Franceska reached her milestone 50th birthday, her furrowed forehead, droopy eyelids and saggy jaw and neck made her feel and look more than her fifty years. Heavy smoking and regular sun beds had taken their toll, contributing to a loss of skin elasticity and deepening the frown lines and wrinkles around her mouth. Her face shape had also changed, leaving her with a permanently sad countenance.
Franceska explains: “I looked constantly fretful, which is completely at odds with how I was feeling. I felt like my sense of identity was being betrayed by my face, as our face is often the window through which others see and come to know us.”
After researching cosmetic procedures at ID plastic surgery Hospital, Franceska met her consultant plastic surgeon. Instantly reassured by his honesty and amenability, Franceska went under the knife.
Franceska had an endoscopic brow lift, an upper and lower eyelid lift, a full facelift andneck lift and fat transfer injections, all under general anaesthetic. The whole transformation took under four hours and the recovery time took less than six weeks due to the key-hole techniques performed.
A week post-surgery, Franceska returned to ID plastic surgery Hospital to have her stitches removed from her eyes and around her hairline. She suffered from bruising and swelling which took a month to settle, but which was easily covered with make-up.
My face really didn’t mirror how I was feeling…
I now feel that my face can smile again
Franceska Harrison
Franceska comments: “I am happier than ever and I am amazed by the results. I now feel that my face can smile again.”

Thank you , ID hospital