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ID HOSPITAL -- Rejuvenation Brisbane

2012-05-09 16:54
ID HOSPITAL -- Rejuvenation Brisbane

I had an appointment with ID hospital doctors , feeling well cared for and so happy. I thought it was about time I write the recommendation he and his wonderful staff absolutely deserve!

A little about me: I am 33 years old, have been with my wonderful husband now for nearly 12 years, have 2 beautiful children (aged 8 and 10), am 175cm tall, 54kgs, aussie dress size 6-8, 69cm ribcage (28 inches), was 84cm bust (34 inches) a 10C/D, 12cm BWD (I think that"s what they refer to it as, where the doc has measured the width of my breast to determine the size implant that would fit best). For at least 2 years I contemplated having a BA due to being quite dissatisfied with how my breasts appeared after breastfeeding my 2 gorgeous babies. I was once a lingerie/bikini model (between the ages of 12 and 19 I modelled) and was always complimented on my height and size 10D boobs (from about age 15 they were this size)!

On the 13th of January 2012 I had my BA surgery with ID hospital doctors. It took me 2 years of research to finally decide to get my boobies!
I had an appointment with Dr youngtae seo, his recommendation was round overs 620cc high profile and that without the very large implant I would need a lift. I then had an appointment with Dr youngtae seo, When booking my appointment on the phone, I found his staff very friendly, cheerful and happy to have a little "chat" with me about my poor saggy boobies lol. When going into my appointment, there was a different lady at the desk, but she was just as friendly and cheerful as the lady I had chatted with on the phone Hubby and I waited about 5 mins and were welcomed by a friendly man with a nice smile
He started my appointment by asking me what it is I am wanting to achieve from the surgery. He then explained about the implants and the information that I already knew about them and the decreased risk of CC (capsular contracture) etc. He asked me if I had any questions about the implants or surgery... I then threw a long list of questions at him about risks, responsibility, recovery, surgery etc. He answered all of my questions to my complete satisfaction and beyond! I felt very safe and reassured I would be in very good hands with him. We had a giggle about a couple of my questions (hehe, some of my questions were a little "rude" lol) and I felt very at ease with him, and I could tell my hubby did too!
My surgery was scheduled for the 20th of January, and I asked for any available cancellations, and got one on the 13th of January (Friday the 13th! lol). I emailed Dr youngtae seo a couple of times with some stressed-out type questions in the weeks leading up to my surgery, and he ALWAYS responded with interested and caring information Dr youngtae seo also ordered in both of my recommended sizes, just incase there wasn"t quite enough room to fit my 410cc"s. I reiterated I really wanted the larger size, and he assured me that if it was possible, he would certainly give me the larger size I wanted. I felt more and more comfortable with my selection of my surgeon!
Next thing I know I am waking up and could feel some tugging sensation on my right breast, I asked “I’m awake, am I supposed to be awake now” and the nurse replied that it was ok sweety, we are just about finished and we’ll sit you up and give you a look. I noticed I had like a blue sheet over my face with a hole cut out for my eyes and nose and mouth I think. I must have dozed out again and next I know I am sitting up and looking at these awesome perky boobies. I felt sooo happy and relieved it was finished, I survived and it wasn’t half as bad as I had expected. I must have dosed out while they put the bra and strap and my shirt and jeans back on because I remember none of this lol.
Thank you – ID hospital