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Eyelid surgery and facelift

2012-05-11 15:46
Eyelid surgery and facelift

I Arrived at incheon Airport and was met by ID hospital driver who collected us and drove us to iD hospital. It was beautiful, very clean and ID staffs had arranged everything for consultations . When you book this clinic and ID hospital can help you book accommodation,

ID nurse took me for blood tests and in the morning. Met with Dr. sanghoon Park. He spoke good English and I understood. In the end I decided to have upper and under eyes and a facelift for best results. I was nervous about this but felt I could trust the surgeon .
"I went for surgery on the 6th at 11am. I did feel the injections, but had no pain during the facelift, just a bit sore getting the eyes done. They had given me a valium ½ hour before surgery which relaxes you.
After a few days I went to the shopping centre for coffee and looked around the shops – it was great. We also went for walks around the ID hospital as it was in a lovely location.

If I considered having more surgery I would definitely return back to ID hospital.

Thank you – Dr. sanghoon Park and all staffs in ID hospital