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Facelift and liposuction ID plastic surgery hospital

2012-05-14 17:49

My name’s Sandhla and I had a facelift and liposuction done by id plastic surgery hospital. I was really happy with them and so am happy to share my own experience with all those who are about to make their choice of medical provider. I know how difficult the choice of the right clinic s, as well as how important it is for the success of the treatment.

I started thinking about going abroad when I understood how incredibly expensive the treatment is in the UK. At the same time, I was not prepared to make even the smallest compromise in terms of quality and security. Therefore, the time I spent researching and consulting prior to making my decision was considerable.

Working with id hospital was, simply said, brilliant. Responses to all my questions were always clear and well explained and the atmosphere very comfortable. I actually ended up having fewer treatments than I’d originally planned, thanks to id hospital ‘s recommendations. I’d wanted to have a rhinoplasty as well, but was advised that having an additional treatment done at the same time would have been too much. Although it took some persuading, afterwards I was relieved that I’d taken id hospital’s advice; they obviously had my safety and comfort as their main concern, rather than making an extra sale.

The ID hospital is really nice – very modern, with all new equipment and furnishings. the staffs have a good command of English and the plastic surgeon was just great – our consultations were detailed and clear.

I really liked their customer manager, who was lovely and very helpful with everything. I am only sorry I did not have enough time to enjoy the beautiful city of Seoul more – perhaps I would recommend coming a few days before the surgery and combining your treatment with a bit of a holiday. (I’ll have to come back and see South Korea another time!)

Thank you, ID hospital , for your professional service; I’m happy to recommend your services to other people.