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Facelift at ID plastic surgery hospital

2012-05-15 17:49

At the age of 60 Jenna travelled to ID hospital in Korea for a facelift.

She was drawn to ID hospital in Korea because 50% of the operation was aftercare which is extremely important, plus it was an all inclusive package.
Jenna says, "For almost 10 years I was researching cosmetic surgery for a facelift as I noticed from the age of 50 my face & neck were changing rapidly. Lines were more noticeable and more so the neck was sagging. At the age of 60 I decided to go ahead with surgery."

From first contact with Dr. Junesung kim, Dr. Kim "s knowledge of the body, nutrition, vitamins etc was incredible. Nothing was too much trouble. Jenna decided to have a face & neck lift, upper & lower eyes.
"I have no hesitation in recommending ID hospital for cosmetic surgery. I would like to say a big thank you to ID hospital & all the nurses for their devoted care & support during my time in South Korea.