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Lisa"s Facial Renewal

2012-05-31 13:12
"In my family, the women have a genetic predisposition to the turkey wattle," Lisa begins. "Over time, our necks become wrinkled and saggy, just like a turkey. When I was younger, I promised myself I"d never look like that." After a successful business career, Lisa was able to retire in her 50s. As the years passed, she got off track. "For a while, I let myself go and gained a lot of weight. I finally lost 50 pounds and felt a lot better, but I realized that the changes I dreaded were beginning to happen to my neck," she laments. "I was so upset!"

Facing Her Concerns
At age 64, Lisa wanted to look as good as she felt. "I am active, watch what I eat, and care about my appearance," she explains. "I garden, play the piano, and travel." She wasn"t about to accept the changes that genetics had in store for her. "The sagging on my face and neck really bothered me. It was the first thing my eye went to when I looked in the mirror," Lisa shares. When she found out that ID hospital, Lisa decided to attend and find out more. Afterwards, she was motivated to take the next step.

"When I met with ID hospital doctor for my consultation, I told him I was ready to have cosmetic surgery but I was concerned about having nerve damage. I didn"t want to end up with a numb face," Lisa recalls. "He told me that while it is possible to have numbness after facial surgery, the likelihood was rare with a skilled, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. I felt comfortable with what he told me and decided to go forward with a neck lift and partial facelift before the sagging got really bad. I didn"t want the difference to be really noticeable after surgery."

Successful Surgery & Smooth Recovery
After a successful surgery, Lisa recovered in hotel. She explains, "The first week after surgery, I had difficulty seeing because my eyes were swollen and covered with antibiotic ointment." Her sister helped by making signs in large print so Lisa could read her prescription medication labels. "I was able to function OK, but my sister made meals for me for the first couple of days ," she recalls, "I had some pain medication, but didn"t really need it. I hardly had any discomfort."

"ID hospital doctor told me to avoid using a pillow while I was recovering so I wouldn"t put creases on my face. I knew if I wanted the best results, I should follow his advice, so I slept in a recliner," she explains. "I also wore the facial compression bandage exactly as I was told. Within the first couple of weeks the bruising dissipated and I felt comfortable going out in public. I was very pleased with my results," Lisa shares. "The swelling went down gradually over several months and kept looking better and better."

Looking Younger, Feeling More Confident
Lisa"s advice to others is simple: "You should do the best you can for yourself." She shares an especially gratifying occasion: "I"m going to be 68 now and I look 20 years younger. When I went to my 50-year high school reunion, there was no question about who looked the best out of the women. High school was such a hard time for me. I felt fantastic after all those years!"