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Candy in IDhospital

2012-06-16 14:32
My journey began on December 2009. Now, March 2012, over 2 years on with acceptance and a deeper understanding I look into the mirror and enjoy the reflection gazing back at me.

A beautiful mature aged woman whom ‘time’ has been kind to. I don’t suppose I always felt this way. plastic surgery is a choice one should make with precision and caution. I would assume for most people hours, if not days is spent on careful research into the procedures they choose and the down time.

My experience has taught me so much about my inherent nature. Firstly my impulsivity a quality that I always joked about being ‘it’s just me’ would certainly turn out not to be my ally in this situation. Secondly my desperate need for approval by my then love partner and thirdly my lack of confidence at the time in my life.

My initial experience after the surgery was fraught with anxiety. I lost complete perspective of the steps involved in the healing process. I returned to work far too early placing myself in a fishbowl of envious women who did not have the courage to walk my footsteps, so instead created rumors and gossip. I now realize that the nastiness was actually because, I did look good and continue to look good whilst naturally aging with grace, softness and beauty.

During this time ID Hospital and their staffs were supportive and caring. Constantly present and reassuring that what I was feeling was just part of my personal healing process. Their encouragement and positivity was extremely helpful, on a deep internal level, I trusted their advice to be patient, wait till the bruising and swelling dissipated and then see what they could already see, a Great Result.

My only regret is not taking ownership for my choices and judging myself so harshly. I look around me now and see women of my age and wonder how I would have aged and how I would have looked and I know I have done the right thing!

Thanks IDhospital